In June of 2012, we set up an invite-only mixer for single retro games, kind of like a speed-dating thing. Most of the games invited were still getting over some rather nasty divorce or separation issues. It was a nice learning experience (Dear Lord, does Custer's Revenge have baggage), but it turned out to be something of a bust. For the most part. Space Invaders and Columns, as it turns out, were destined for each other. Fast forward to July 2013, and their first child is born. Much rejoicing and alcohol was had. The baby was hence christened "Invasodado." So all right, you've got the usual Earth defense routine, what with the space ship and the aliens and the danger. This particular breed, however, leaves behind a rather strange and inconvenient mess behind; upon death, they turn into colored blocks that must be matched in threes (or more) to clear! If you don't, the stage will overflow, you'll die, and we will forever look upon you in shame.


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