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You are about to enter a world of pixellated bliss. Beyond this point lies a distractive force so potent, entire corporations have fallen as they vy to no avail to do their jobs despite being in the face of our handiwork.* Our craft is banned in most Western European countries except for weekends and holidays.* You are entering the realm of Corundum Games, the point of no return, the last stop before a future wrought with electronic hedonism, accidental procrastination, and pink slips of despair. But don't worry; we'll make it worth your while.
We are the diamond in the rough.
Corundum Games is an independent game studio based near the New York metropolitan area, tended to and cared for by people who should be studying for statistics exams. Our goal is to make something that tickles your retro-gaming fancy, with a dash of humor here and there and some liberally applied fair use.
*Actually, not really. But one can dream.
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Freeware Pick:
blast aliens and match blocks to save the planet in Invasodado (Beta)

Invasodado is easy to describe, but mastering the gameplay is another matter entirely. You need foresight, fast planning, and quick fingers to get very far in this hybrid of classic videogames. Essentially, the game is a mash-up of Space Invaders and Columns. Waves of aliens are advancing on Earth and you control the last line of defense, a lone starfighter.                                                


Play for today: Invasodado

OK, let's face it: old games will always have an honored place in our hearts, but today is usually not quite as fun as ever. Unless you do a thing as crazy as the creator of Invasodado. The idea is simply brilliant in its simplicity: it's just the classic Space Invaders and Tetris, combined into a single production. In other words, we smash aliens using our ship, and every downed alien turns into a block with a corresponding color. Blocks must of course be combined into three, to remove them from the board before they reach the top of the screen. Do not be fooled, this game is really awfully difficult!


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    Corundum Games is an independent game studio based near the New York metropolitan area.
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